A niche (or two) is nice

An interesting question came my way the other day.

I was asked: “why do you only concentrate on sport and leisure, and travel and tourism, not anything and everything?”

A good question, and there are several reasons for this.

Firstly I have always had a great interest in those two areas. As a result, I feel a lot more comfortable with working and writing towards an area I have

From a professional perspective, I have developed my niches based on these interests. As a result, it has many benefits.

As I find, I can specialise in a specific field, industry, and client type, all of which are relevant to what I do, enjoy and have an interest in. By doing so, the benefits of knowledge and genuine interest in my client, what they do, their industry, and their need rub off and translate back to the end product.

Having a niche creates credibility.  Clients – whether they are current, previous or potential, know who to come to when there is a need and requirement i.e someone that has working knowledge and interest within their industry sector and can provide a range of services to suit.

But by having a niche (or two) and concentrating on it, you may think that it lessens the chances for attracting more business. Paradoxical perhaps, but not necessarily so.

Having established my niches – and continuing to focus and develop them, it is all about positioning what I do on that basis. Whilst I am always marketing my services (shouldn’t everyone?),  you could say I am essentially ‘branding’ myself in the process.

Call me the Sport and Leisure Copywriter, or the Travel and Tourism Copywriter, perhaps.

As with any industry, clients with unique needs and requirements prefer to go to someone with a specific understanding of their industry. Someone with a niche is an expert in their particular field (although I am not blasé to suggest I know and will know everything – aren’t we learning all the time?)

By contrast, a generalist is someone who is covers anything and everything in general, and may not necessarily appreciate the unique situation.

Today’s world is increasingly being over-communicated and over-advertised, let alone hypercompetitive. With all the competition out there, is it really possible to be better than the competition?

Maybe not.  But by having a niche and being different and setting oneself aside from the rest is.


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