One Goal: how would you spend yours?

With the domestic football season now finished (but of course we have Euro 2012 coming up), think about this.

Imagine if during the course of the season your team could have scored just one more goal. 

I’m talking here any match at any time during the season.

Do you have a story to tell about how that single goal would have affected your season or made a difference to a match that mattered to you?

One goal could have meant turning a draw into a win – and who knows what 3 points instead of 1 could have made at the end of the season or even during it. One goal could have meant that 5-0 thrashing was 5-1 and at least you had a goal to celebrate and cheer you up on for the journey home.

And that one goal does not have to be for your team either. Perhaps it can be used against your own fierciest rivals and could have been the difference between knocking them out of the cup, keeping them out of the play-offs or even relegating them.

Just think of the possible scenarios that one goal could have had.

Together with a good friend of mine, John Connolly, we have created One Goal, an exciting new competition that will get football fans debating about how their 2011 / 2012 football season could have been changed.

Simply pick your match, tell us the new score with your added ‘OneGoal’ applied and tell us your story about why this goal would have meant so much to you.  Then on the website we will show the old and new league tables alongside your story.

So, what would be your One Goal and how would you spend it?

Let us know at or

There is no fee to enter the competition.  You must be over 16 to enter.  Competition is open to UK residents only.  Only stories related to clubs from the Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two will be considered for entry onto the website. The judges will pick a favourite story from each of the four divisions mentioned above.   The contributor of these stories (one per division) will be awarded a signed team shirt in the colours of their choice.  Winners will be announced on the website by 31st July 2012.


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