Skool’s out, the Summer of Fun begins

So here we go; the fun begins.

I’m not talking the Olympics (just yet); I’m talking the school summer holidays.

Six and a bit weeks of when my working life is turned around, shaken around and generally disrupted. It is one of the more challenging factors shall we say of being a freelancer and working from home.

Luckily though I have past experience of school summer holidays (five years of them) to draw upon, and know what to expect and how to work through it.

Ok, so it means early mornings and late nights, and odd hour or period here and there, but the flexibility of being a freelancer gives you licence to do that. Yes, there are still deadlines to meet – and over the next week there are several, but getting out and about with the kids is quite refreshing and offers the chance to get away from the PC and take stock a little.

This summer there is lot to keep the little Quinney’s occupied as well. There is, of course, London 2012 starting later this week – so inevitably the kids will have eyes on that at various points (so will I admittedly).  Plus there is a unique event – Godiva Awakes, next Monday which will be interesting to look at.

Various friends will be round or meeting up with at various points. Rugby’s water fountains may have gone, but Rugby Borough Council have Play Ranger sessions at local parks on various days – which have been pretty good and the kids have enjoyed, plus RBC have their SMART sessions for kids with activities for various ages. Mrs Q is off in the coming weeks so we are off on various days for one week and then away for the other. And I have a Kwik Cricket camp in the thinking and planning process possibly for late August at Willoughby CC.

Kwik Cricket. Great for kids, great for summer

Also, as a follower of the NHS initiative, Change4Life, I have acquired a whole heap of summer holiday activity packs, charts, stickers and info as part of their Games4Life programme, so you could say the kids have lots of different things to do to cover across the next six weeks or so.

Change4Life. Worth looking at

So with the weather finally turning in our favour at the right time (but for how long?) the Summer of Fun has really begun.


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