London 2012: false start?

Does it seems strange to be starting a huge event such as the 2012 Olympics before its opening ceremony has even taken place?

And even when the Olympic Torch  is still on its relay journey to the stadium (currently in London on the final legs before Friday, visiting Wembley Stadium today).

I think so. For example, you dont’ see the opening matches of the football World Cup or the Rugby World Cup starting before their opening ceremony. It’s similar to having a wedding reception before the actual wedding ceremony.

Even the official London 2012 website earlier today was quoted as saying the Games kick off in two days time; presumably their thinking being once the multi-million pound Opening Ceremony has been and gone

London 2012

Anyway,  Olympic ‘competition’ gets underway today, with women’s football at The Millenium Stadium in Cardiff at 16.00GMT and then at The City of Coventry (in Coventry, obviously) at 17.00GMT.

Millenium Stadium Cardiff

After all the waiting, all the various controversies of security, cost, and competitor selection (to name a few issues) the eyes of the world are firmly set to fall on London 2012.

Let the Games begin.


I will be adding various blog posts during the course of the Games, so keep following.

Plus will be tweeting on Twitter: @karlquinney 


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