London 2012: A bad case of mistaken identity

You couldn’t make it up. Or could you?

London 2012.

It ‘starts’ two days before the official Opening Ceremony… Cardiff

Then gets sent to Coventry (ok, I’m being a bit over sensitive about Coventry; I just don’t like the place or football team!)

Then London 2012 heads to Scotland and Hampden Park, where…..the profile pics introducing the women footballers of North Korea are pictured for all to see on big screens with the flag of South Korea.

North or South?

Playing the wrong national anthem would be one thing (I’m sure that will happen at some point)

Displaying the wrong national flag is another

And where North Korea and its neighbours are concerned, getting the latter wrong is a touch sensitive shall we say., Technically they are at war with each other., which might explain why they don’t exactly get on, and why it was such a big issue (not the sort of thing you could laugh off I guess)

So with that insult (to put it mildly), the North Koreans walked off Hampden Park, before they were persuaded to return and play, albeit an hour later.

On, off, back on again, eventually


So a great start then.

I ask whether you couldn’t make it up. Yesterday’s inauspicious start is something that you would expect to see in a spoof TV show. Anyone who has been watching the BBC’s ‘Twenty Twelve’ will know exactly what I’m referring to.

BBC’s Twenty Twelve – hilariously ironic

Twenty Twelve is a very funny, satirical series based on the team organising the 2012 Olympics (‘The Olympic Deliverance Team’ if you will). If you haven’t watched it, try to get a look if you can. Funny and ironic.

And as things start to hot up (in the Games and ‘delivery’ sense, not the weather) and as the world watches, I’m sure we’ll have other incidents and examples to chuckle at.

Bring on the Opening Ceremony.


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