Don’t forget the Paralympics

If anyone had thought the London 2012 Paralympics would be a case of ‘after the Lord Mayor’s Show’, then the opening ceremony will have confounded any doubters.

Paralympics Opening Ceremony



London 2012 Paralympics logo


And why not? Whilst many will have ‘switched off’ [so to speak] after the extraordinary spectacle that was London 2012 (Part 1), the Paralympics deserves equally as much attention.

On the back of the success of the main London 2012 Olympics, ticket sales have been strong with more than 2.4 million tickets for events already been sold, including half a million to overseas visitors, and many events already sold out or close to.

Thousands again turned out for the 24 hour Torch Relay ahead of another packed house at The Olympic Park for the official opening of the Games last night.

This was a very different opening to that of the Olympics – with Professor Stephen Hawking, the Hadron Collider and the Big Bang, to the biggest apple bite and countless umbrellas, and it had to be, but it was no less spectacular.

Umbrellas at the ready

So the start of London 2012 Part II and the 11 day sporting competition is off and running. In a year where we have already seen some momentous events and achievements, don’t put your flags away just yet – get behind Team GB


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