Back to school

The joy and relief on their faces was a sight to behold. It had been so long and they had all missed each other’s company, so it was so nice to catch up.

And this was just the parents.

In this corner of East Warwickshire, the schools are back today and for some I dare say it could not have come sooner.

Normal life (or some sort of normality) has been restored with a new school year off and under way.

From this particular corner, the ‘schoolies’ have actually gone quite quick. It doesn’t seem five minutes that my two (now into Year 5 and 3) were hurtling out with various bags, coats, dirty PE kit, and various paintings and enanimous objects of works they had completed in the nine or so months previous.

We’ve certainly packed a lot into the last 6 weeks – everything from bike rides to football, cricket, swings, sandpits, zipwires, swimming, plus various days (or half days) out in and around these parts including Stratford-upon-Avon and Charlecote Park, capped off by a truly great week on the North Yorkshire coast in Whitby in the middle.

Bard Country – Stratford-upon-Avon





Charlecote Park









So, a new term and school year dawns. Whether it is excitement and anticipation of catching up with some school mates, the kids up were early, suited, booted, new bags at the ready.

Let’s see how long that lasts….

Again, it will be sad in one way to see my two go back to their classrooms and their new teachers. It has been great having them around (most of the time, anyway – like all kids, they have their moments!) and we’ve had some good days (even if Mrs Q was at work bar two weeks in the middle).

But the novelty of the holidays had begun to wear off, and besides the world does not stop for the schoolies. Work still has to be done, features to be covered and projects to be completed.

So, normal ‘daytime service’ for KQ Freelance Services has thankfully resumed.


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