Things I’ve learnt in the last 7 days

It’s been an interesting seven days. Here’s a few comments and observations from the news that has broken and what I’ve seen and heard around me.

1. Football at all levels needs to sort its game out. Greed, arrogance, racism, you name it

fun, games and alleged racism in Serbia

2. Roy Hodgson & the FA can learn a lot from Stuart Lancaster’s plans for developing the game & players from grassroots & regional levels upwards. Sensible refreshing stuff.

3. Tesco staff and managers in Rugby must have too much time on their hands, judging that it took 6 of them to stack cereal and jam whilst discussing the life of Darth Vader

Darth: a key and influential topic of importance among supervisers at Tesco Rugby

Tesco Rugby, or known internally as the Death Star

4. Some people really do just take the p!$$ and don’t have a clue

5. £8 to watch Southern League Midland/Central Division football – for what is glorified Sunday morning football, is laughable. See point 1 + 4

the stand at Rugby Town FC in familiar pose

6. if my kids had 10p for every conker we collected on Sunday, they would have a lot of money. A new seasonal pop-up shop – The Conker Shop, opens later in the week for half term.

Conkers aplenty..or not in some parts

Note: apparently there is a conker shortage in Warwickshire. Really? You just have to look in the right places.

7. Christmas is not that far away really

Some fella associated with Christmas

8. The forces of good are pulling me towards a new, fresh opportunity and challenge for 2013 – more on that in due course.


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