Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

Remember, remember

The fifth of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot


Hot on the heels of everything spooky and Halloween is the 5th of November – Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night. You know what I mean.

As autumn gives way to the start of winter, Guy Fawkes Night is a good indicator for the beginning of crisp mornings and darker evenings that fall upon us, and the descent towards the chaotic, mad rush of over-spend, over-eating and over-indulgence that is the yuletide season.

First things first, and Bonfire Night is the cue for huge bonfire piles to be erected and torched with home-made Guys nestled upon top like some hideous pre-Christmas angel; endless streams of extortionately-priced rockets and bangers to be lit and hurtled into the sky (and for the next 10 weeks thereafter it seems) scaring the wits out of household pets, the elderly and anyone of a nervous disposition; this whilst jacket spuds, tomato soup and bangers (the other variety: sausages) are consumed like they were going out of fashion.

It has to be said though I quite enjoy Bonfire Night. It’s another crossroads point of the year. we’re well into Autumn, Halloween has passed, the nights are darker earlier and before you know Christmas will be with us.

So what is the fifth of November all about? For those who have forgotten and/or didn’t pay much attention in history class, take a look at the the feature I undertook for Discover Britain’s Gardens, Historic Homes & Gardens magazine, which as well as offering a brief potted history, examines The Gunpowder Plot and its connections with some of the UK’s historic homes and castles

See a copy of the feature attached.

If you would like a free sample copy of Discover Britain’s Gardens, Historic Homes & Gardens magazine, drop me a line at or call me on 07775 883102.

Happy Bonfire Night, and remember to stay safe

The Gunpowder Plot and England’s Historic Houses





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