Workout with a partner

January, the month where new leaves are turned over and resolutions of ‘will get fit’ (or is it ‘must get fit’) resonate; for a while at least.

Tribesports – who you may remember I have blogged and created training guides for in the last year, have created a work out which you can enjoy (?) with a partner.

Fitness with a friend (2)

So if you struggle to maintain enthusiasm, dedication and motivation training on your own, try this with someone else and see how you get on. Just remember, the workout needs to be carried out with a friend or a partner so it’s a good
opportunity for a social workout as well.

Personally when it comes to training of this ilk or running or cycling, I’m more of a loner and prefer to train solo (whilst thinking about 1000 and 1 other different things, and having the iPod booming out)

Still, I’ll give it a try (if I can find a willing partner), and let you know how it went.

Won’t not do likewise, either back here or via this link


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