Fitting it all in

Who says once we reach summer that things tend to slow down where business is concerned?

For some it may. Certainly looking back on the last month or so, not here.

For starters, it has been great to be working with one of my long-standing clients, the Royal Life Saving Society, on some articles for their Lifesavers magazine.

Plus there has been my editorial  and feature involvement to the latest editions of Discover Britain for Groups magazine (Aug/Sept) and Discover Britain’s Gardens, Historic Homes & Castles magazine (July-Sept).

Discover Britain's Gardens, Historic Homes & Castles

The end of the school year is always a busy time, more so this year. Not only have my two kiddy-winks had various events and presentations (sporting-related), but my new working addition – my cricket coaching work with Twenty20 Cricket Company, fed through to the end of the summer term.

Company Logo - Small

The last few months coaching with curriculum and after-school sessions in and around Rugby has been an interesting and enlightening on from that of my club coaching. Reaching end of term was also interesting to look back on how far the pupils at the schools how come and developed, plus seeing the appreciation of their enjoyment as we go our separate ways for the summer (or in some cases, high school) has been reward in itself.

School was – and is, out, and straight onto more coaching, with two T20 Cricket holiday courses – or ‘Cricket Camps’.

Twenty20 Cricket Camps Summer 2013 courses

Twenty20 Cricket Camps Summer 2013 courses

Twenty20 Cricket Camps

Twenty20 Cricket Camps

Both were staged at my home club, Willoughby CC; the first a four-day Camp from 22nd to 25th July, the second on the 29th and 30th July. Both were really well attended with over 50 boys and girls attending with between 25 and 30 across each day (good local marketing and promotion I’d say!), but more so the enthusiasm of the kids (which had age ranges of between 5 and 15) to get involved, learn and gel together as a friendly group was great to see.

(see the press coverage from The Rugby Advertiser here)

And with the feedback we’ve got – which is always helpful, a platform to do the same and develop further is very much set for next year as well.

So, after the distractions of some very enjoyable outdoor work – aided it has to be said by some more-favourable summer weather, it’s back to what I tend to concentrate on most…writing for a living, and for pleasure.

And by the look of things the coming few months show no sign of let up with projects on the go, other previously delayed being kick-started for the autumn, plus new enquiries and ideas to progress.

Never a dull moment; but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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