Fast foot it to Rugby’s Food and Drink fest

A quick pointer for the weekend to the last few days of the Rugby Food and Drink Festival.

You will remember from a previous post that it was all taking shape for this weekend

Having kicked off yesterday (Thursday) from what it seems to be a good reception from the local public, today saw what appeared to be another busy day with a series of demos on the Pop-Up Kitchen (I caught some of Bread Glorious Bread) and the Beer Bike on show and on the move (as part of Real Ale Trail).

Tomorrow with it being Saturday, the weekend and market day, it should see another decent stream of feet in and around the St Andrews Church grounds, Market Place and the town’s pubs, coffee shop and eateries. (the Festival is after all part of and funded through Warwickshire County Council’s Operation Footfall Campaign).

With a range of different attractions and activities on the go again throughout the day, see what’s on via the website here and get along if you can


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