Done for another three years but hopefully won’t use it

Here’s a question for you.

Would you know what to do and could you save a life in an emergency situation?

The reason I ask and am blogging on this subject is because the last two Wednesday evenings have been a strangely refreshing and thought-provoking experience.

As part of my cricket coaching (and also others involved with sport), there is a mandatory requirement for a coach’s First Aid qualification to be brought up to date every three years.

First Aid

So thanks to CSW Sport, I have attended two separate three-hour sessions over the last fortnight to bring matters in line and up to date.

Now, I’m sure for many the thought of courses, seminars, workshops, call them what you will, invariably fill you with dread and apprehension. Admittedly initially so did this to an extent. However, once there and you get into it, that is all forgotten.

It does help if you have a good tutor and Alan from First Aid training company SaveaLife was very engaging with the group, making the whole course very informal yet highly informative, with plenty of opportunities for practicals (a bit more practice on the kids with bandages could be in the offering though).

Just don’t get him talking and his views on the whole Vinne Jones/Bee Gees ‘Staying Alive’ campaign message, but that’s another story

Staying Alive with Vinnie Jones

Staying Alive with Vinnie Jones

Get the CPR message across

Get the CPR message across

October 2010 sounds a long way back and fortunately I have not had to put my First Aid training to good use in that time (and touch wood I won’t either); yet whilst you remember the majority of the training given, it is funny as time progresses that it is the little things you tend to forget.

There are of course subtle changes and omissions to certain procedures and guidelines, but in the main everything is current, it just needs a little refreshing and reminding.

So, as I’m now fully First Aid updated, a personal note has been made to go back and review the Emergency First Aid Made Easy manual on a periodic basis. After all, you never know when you might need to have the skills and knowledge to hand and out them to use.


Ironically, having worked with the Mannequins (or Resusci Annie), upon catching up on the news last night there was this story funnily enough on this very matter.

Plus, did you know that yesterday, 16th October, was European Restart a Heart Day?



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