Bring Home the Harvest and British Food Fortnight

For someone who after some summer excesses (i.e holiday, ‘one or two’ cricket teas) is trying to shed a few pounds, talking and thinking about food and drink is perhaps not ideal.

But, hey, when I can, writing about food and drink is one of my niches and more enjoyable subject matters.

And September, October and November is one of the more busier periods in the foodie and drink calendar.

So I’m getting on with it and will show restraint (any tastings, samplings or otherwise are purely in the interests of research you understand!)

Autumn marks the return of the Bring Home the Harvest campaign for British Food Fortnight, which runs from 20th September to 5th October.

Bring Home the Harvest and British Food Fortnight

Bring Home the Harvest and British Food Fortnight

When you think about it, Britain produces some of the best food and drink in the world, hence British Food Fortnight is the annual opportunity to celebrate the fact.

British Food Fortnight – which has been running since Autumn 2002 – aims to put British food firmly in the spotlight by encouraging us all to enjoy fresh, seasonal produce and regional dishes. And what better time for it all to take place than during harvest time, the traditional time for celebrating food.

The Fortnight is also home to the Bring Home the Harvest campaign, which aims to rekindle the tradition of celebrating British food and the harvest across the nation; whether it be in homes, in the streets, in schools, churches, farms, hospitals, restaurants, pubs, shops and in community centres, food will be harvested, sold, purchased, prepared, eaten and enjoyed.

Harvest 2


Activities include

  •  British Food Fortnight menus and promotions in shops, pubs and restaurants led by Tesco
  • Food festivals in more than half the English counties led by Horsham, Emsworth and Stone
  • Special menus and activities such as sausage making and bake-offs in care homes for the elderly organised by Hallmark Care Homes
  • School menus designed by Two Michelin Star Great British Menu judge Phil Howard
  • Seasonal hospital menus promoted by the Hospital Caterers Association.
  • National Trust food events happening at properties across the country, including especially chosen British recipes in selected tearooms.

DSC02548 4E0A8253

To find out more, The Love British Food website has a wealth of information, and ideas for taking part and 14 things people can do – one for each day of British Food Fortnight.

Also follow the activities on Twitter @LoveBritishFood, #HarvestFever, and on Facebook: Love-British-Food


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