Happy Halloween…and carving

Karl Quinney

It’s that time of year again.

31st October. Pumpkins aplenty 31st October. Pumpkins aplenty

Well, as with most things the shops and superstores have had every related item they can muster on the shelves for months to set the scene.

Yes, it’s Halloween.

Typically my two kids have been up for what is essentially a ‘dress up, scare and sweet fest’ for a good week or so now. And as part of the whole shebang, boxes of costumes, masks and hats have been unearthed from the loft, dusted down and tried for size with the kids in the street. Plus two whopping great pumpkins have been dissected and carved out by the junior Qs (see below), to be adorned with the obligatory tea lights for full effect once dusk has settled.

Mr and Mrs Pumpkin Q Mr and Mrs Pumpkin Q

(given my less-than-handy prowess at all things creative, I naturally and wisely kept a safe distance and made sure the carving kit was…

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