UK Historic Homes and The Gunpowder Plot

Another previous feature of mine, with a Gunpowder Plot theme to it – Historic Homes and The Gunpowder Plot.

Karl Quinney

As a feature writer and content Editor for Discover Britain’s Gardens, Historic Homes & Castles magazine, part of my self-imposed remit is to focus on the great wealth of heritage properties dotted around the UK.

With it being Bonfire Night, here’s an abridged piece of a recent article exploring connections between the Gunpowder Plot and some of the UK’s historic houses.


The fifth of November – Guy Fawkes Night, is a reminder of the ill-fated attempt to kill King James back in 1605. On that date over four centuries ago, a solitary figure is arrested down in the cellars of Parliament House in London. Although he first gives his name as John Johnson, Guy Fawkes – as he is really called, is one of thirteen who have conspired to blow up Parliament, and with it the King, and his Lords. By doing so, they were looking to throw…

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