Anyone for tennis?

So the joy and spectacle of Wimbledon fortnight gets underway today.


Two years on since my last ramblings on this very subject, nothing has changed much – particularly where tennis here in the UK is concerned.

Karl Quinney

So, the sporting delight and typically British institution that is Wimbledon is here to grace the public’s attention and domain for the next fortnight.


Despite being an avid follower of virtually most sports – some more than others, I make no apologies for the fact that I just cannot get excited about Wimbledon, and tennis itself for that matter.

Wimbledon. Interested? Bothered? Wimbledon. Interested? Bothered?

Not any more anyway.

Strange perhaps as I did actually enjoy tennis growing up as a teenager. Not only were their great household names of McEnroe, Borg, then Becker and Lendl, but back then as kids a group of us would play pretty much two to three times every week for 2-3 hours (sometime more) from spring to autumn. That and cricket.  Evenings, weekends, we’d thrash out five sets until dark.

The fact we were not technically supposed to play where we did (on the hard courts…

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